In Trinidad we would say one of the most worthy investments for a 4×4 is a snorkel.

Installing a snorkel on your 4×4 is a relatively cheap investment that protects your engine from the elements.

Typically most air intakes are found in the car’s engine bay or inner guard, as close to the grille as possible, because this is where the air quality here is the best and coolest. Most snorkels available for 4×4 pickups take your air intake up to your vehicles roof.

Snorkels have also been proven to be significant performance enhancers. No matter what type of engine diesel or petrol, they require air for use in the combustion process. Essentially installing a snorkel at your roof height, where the air is cooler and therefore denser, you can burn more fuel more efficiently.

Dust is another factory to be considered. Lifting your intake to this height means you get cleaner air and less dust and sand particles. This results in you having to change your air filter less frequently

Does it improve off road performance? Think about it like this, your 4WD draws air from determines how deep it can go through water, if you have not modified your car’s air intake and it is at the front of engine bay facing forward, you can only drive through water of that is  about half of a meter deep, and can cause significant damage to your engine. With a snorkel your intake is much higher and you can maneuver through deeper bodies of water easier and without worries. Please bear in mind that crossing large water passages is dangerous and should be done with caution. Having a snorkel does not mean you can cross a ocean or river with heavy currents.

Another clear benefit is the air ram. Most snorkels are designed with what is called a air ram intake which has a few key benefits.

By facing your snorkel head forward air is forced into the intake which drastically improves performance.

Secondly, the air ram is designed to keep the moisture to the sides and back of the snorkel head. This results is drier air being sent into your engine. Rain and moisture is drained out of the head at the back

When it comes to buying a snorkel, there are two major brands, Safari Snorkel and  TJM Airtec. They are both made of polyethylene and models are available for most popular cars.

The advantage of commercially available snorkels is that they have been flow tested for each model, so you are guaranteed that it won’t restrict air flow to your engine.

Your other option is to get a snorkel custom made. There are some great examples of custom snorkels out there, from stainless steel to PVC pipe, and they do the job well. I would recommend getting your snorkel professionally fitted, as it is useless for water crossings if the connections aren’t watertight.

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