Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago – In a bid to address concerns surrounding lifted vehicles in Trinidad and Tobago, the Trinidad and Tobago Offroad Association (TTORA) has taken proactive steps to collaborate with the Licensing Office. This partnership aims to find common ground and establish guidelines for the responsible use of lifted vehicles within the country.

The issue of lifted vehicles, often equipped with oversized tires and modified suspension systems, has been a topic of concern for both law enforcement agencies and the off-roading community. Residents have raised safety and environmental concerns, leading to calls for stricter regulations. The Trinidad and Tobago Offroad Association acknowledges these concerns and is determined to work towards a balanced solution.

The collaboration between TTORA and the Licensing Office is expected to result in the development of guidelines that address vehicle modifications, particularly those involving lifts and oversized tires. These guidelines will focus on safety standards, emissions regulations, and responsible off-road driving practices. The partnership will also explore the possibility of implementing certification processes for lifted vehicles to ensure they meet these standards.

Mr. Clive Clarke, the Commissioner of the Licensing Office, expressed optimism about the collaboration. “We believe that working with organizations like the Trinidad and Tobago Offroad Association can lead to practical solutions that benefit everyone. We are committed to finding a way to address concerns related to lifted vehicles while accommodating the interests of off-roading enthusiasts.”

The joint effort will also include public awareness campaigns aimed at educating vehicle owners and off-road enthusiasts about responsible vehicle modifications and off-road driving practices. This is expected to enhance safety on the roads and minimize environmental impact.

Residents and off-roading enthusiasts alike are hopeful that this collaborative effort will strike a balance between preserving the safety of the public and allowing responsible off-roading activities in Trinidad and Tobago. The progress of this initiative will undoubtedly be closely monitored as it unfolds.