A shock absorber purpose is to dampen the upwards and downwards motion of the vehicle they’re attached to. They are there to achieve comfort, even though the task itself is simple, the technology beneath it is vast. The engineers at Bilstein 89 years ago, came up with something that was more innovative and better than all the rest. (back then)

Shock absorbers work by turning the kinetic energy, or the vertical motion of a object, into heat and then disperses that into the atmosphere. Standard shock absorbers have two tubes (twin tubes)one on the inside one on the outside. The inside tube holds the shock fluid which provides the resistance and damping, the outside tube holds that inner shock. This all seems to work great until you look at what Bilstein came up with decades ago.

They introduced the “monotube” system which instead of two tubes, built the shock absorber to be the tube itself. Without the inner this means there is larger tube which also means more fluid, more fluid means that heat can be dispersed faster and this results in a overall improvement in the ride.

Bilstein shocks are pressurized which means no matter how much the vehicle moves up and down the ride comfort is maintained no matter the terrain. Common twin tube shocks do not contain pressure and provide a “floatier ride which is mainly due to air bubbles are a lot of use. Traditional twintube shocks, which are not pressurized, provide a “floatier” feel due to the creation of air bubbles after hard use.

Bilstein shocks will soon be available at ABS Offroad Limited and we have been granted dealership in the Caribbean.

Bellow is a video out of the bilstein archives which basically explains how they work

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